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Can I party pass midnight?

I’m sorry our commitment to serving the Fifth Ward community requires our staff to get their beauty sleep. All patrons must exit by midnight

How much is it to rent the Deluxe?

Did you know the Deluxe has 2 spaces? The main stage for performing arts or lectures and the Gallery space for banquets or celebrations. Our prices are listed under the rentals tab.

I want to rent the Deluxe Theater, How may I go about reserving the space?

We would love to have you and your guest here. Please start by completing a reservation request form HERE.

Can we eat in the theater?

No. That’s our policies and we’re sticking to it

I usually sell snacks and drinks - including alcohol at the concession booth. Is that allowed at the Deluxe?

You are welcome to operate the concession booth and profit all proceeds. Selling alcohol is not permitted as the Deluxe Theater is not licensed. A TABC certified bartender can serve complimentary alcohol to your guests.

How many seats are available?

We have entertained a lot of folks. We can accommodate 125 guests in the theater and seat up to 150 in the Gallery space.

When I book the venue does it include a valet service?

The experience that your guests will have with a complimentary valet service will be memorable.  We will include the fee in the rental quote if requested. 

Where is the parking?

Plenty of parking is available except next door. Our large parking lot is located in the rear at Greggs St & New Orleans St. A convenient walkway leads your guests from the parking lot to the entrance door.

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